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As a young child Terina had in her heart that she would be an entrepreneur. She wasn’t clear as to what exactly she would be doing but she knew she wanted to be her own boss. While she had dreams of her own, Terina was concerned about fulfilling the expectations of others. After graduating from Oxon Hill High School with Honors, she went on to attend Towson University. She soon realized that school or that school in particular was not for her. She went on to a vocational school and graduated as a Medical Assistant where right after she worked at Providence Hospital. She enjoyed working in the medical field and decided to go to school for Nursing. While attending Prince George’s Community College, Terina obtained employment at D.C. Superior Court. A few years went by and once again Terina was missing something and the nursing field was not fulfilling this void. She was never one to waste money so she stopped taking classes until she figured out her purpose. Before she knew it she had been at her job eight years while her plan was to only be employed there while in school.  After deep thought and self evaluation, Terina realized something had to give. The only way for things to change was to make it change for herself. In September 2016, Terina made a decision to attend school to become a Nail Technician. Doing nails was one of many side hustles Terina had so she decided to go full force and see where it would take her. In less than a year Terina completed the course, became a licensed Nail Technician, and now works in a salon where she continues to build her clientele. Terina was so determined to focus on her happiness and her business that she decided to go from a full time Government employee to a part time Government employee. Some called her crazy for partially letting go of her “good Government job” however, Terina learned from her past that you can’t live for anyone else but yourself. She took a HUGE leap of FAITH and encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone to create your own happiness because soon enough you will live a comfortable life in your own zone!

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